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Pustules, Abscesses and Low Immunity

Testimony for #pustules, #abscesses and low immunity

From Taiwan

Ms Liu’s daughter had been suffering from painful pustules and abscesses full of pus and debris since the 17th days after her birth. Pustules are a form of acne caused by hormonal imbalances. She often had to be admitted to hospital for 6 to 7 days at a stretch and given potent steroids. Unlike other infections, antibiotics alone do not cure abscesses. They have to be opened by doctors and drained. By the age of 5, she already had 6 operations.

With very low immunity (as the steroid is an immune system suppressor), her daughter frequently had #fever or #pneumonia.

Ms Liu (left in the photo) is married to a Taiwanese and consulted numerous specialists there. However, there was no improvement in her daughter’s condition, until she encountered Negative Ion clothes and beddings. She switched all her daughter’s panties, pyjamas, clothes and blankets to these #negativeionclothes.
Her daughter’s health improved progressively. To recover from the low immunity caused by prolonged use of steroids, Ms Liu focused on natural therapy. Whenever her daughter ran a fever, she would wrap her in the #negativeion blanket and scarf (to provide full coverage of negative ions) and massage her. She would also change her clothes every 8 hours as by then the clothes would have been saturated with toxins pulled out by the Negative Ion clothes.

Her daughter’s immune system strengthened progressively. Now at 7 years old, she hardly has pustules, and even if she did, they disappeared within a day with the use of #negativeion products, without the need for hospitalisation or steroids.

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