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Second stage Thyroid Carcinoma & Third stage Lung cancer

Testimony for Second Stage Thyroid Carcinoma and Third stage Lung cancer
From Hua Lien’s Lin Yi Jing

I have been working at a chemical factory for over 20 years, infected with high carcinogens and suffered from second stage thyroid carcinoma, and third stage lung cancer. The doctor said that it was a must to do chemotherapy. However, after witnessing some friends who have done cancer chemotherapy for a year or two and spending all their fortune and yet not seeing any improvements, I have decided to use that sum of money to invest in multiple sets of Negative Ion clothes to test out. I have been using large quantities of Negative Ion clothes every day since, sleeping on two layers of Negative Ion blankets and covering with two layers of Negative Ion blanket. Two years later, after going for a CT scan, the doctor said that my cancer cells index dropped a lot. I am very fortunate to have come across something as amazing as Negative Ion clothes! As much as I suffered from 2 types of cancers, I can still live life freely and without worry.


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