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Testimonial for #sensitiveskin

Hi everyone, I am Yumi from Kuching.

My baby is 2 months old. There was a lot of redness that suddenly appeared on my baby’s face 1 week after being born. My mother shared that my cousin’s daughter had the same problem after she was born and her condition improved after using health spray products. I bought the same spray product but there was no improvement after finishing 1 bottle. So I brought my baby to see the doctor. The doctor said it’s due to prickly heat and using prickly heat powder will do. There was an improvement at the start but the redness recurred 2 days later. It did not solve the problem.

We went to see another doctor who said that the redness is due to sensitive skin, which required changing the milk powder. We changed the milk powder to one that is for babies with sensitive skin and we took extra care to keep his skin clean. Every time baby finished the milk, we used a lukewarm cloth to clean the face but there was no improvement. We did what we could and were helpless as to how we could eliminate the redness. Seeing my baby like this made me feel terrible. I kept searching for ways to improve my baby’s skin problems.

Picture 1 shows my baby’ facial skin before using negative ion products (redness around cheeks and mouth)

Last week, due to sudden rain, my husband and I got to know Huan Li AGM and Lu Feng while having dinner at a coffee shop. While waiting for the rain to stop, we started chatting. I shared about my baby’s sensitive facial skin and they recommended me to try Nefful’s negative ion products. I simply believed in Nefful’s product after hearing about their sharing and joined as a member. 2 free sample cloth was given as new members and I placed them on my baby’s sleeping pillow after getting home.

Picture 2 shows the huge improvement in my baby’s skin after 3 days of using negative ion products (more smooth and not red). I believe this is God’s plan to arrange for us to meet and I hope that my testimonial can help other people.

Thank you to Nefful for producing such a high-tech product. Thank you to God for letting me meet and know Nefful’s negative ion clothes. Thank you once again.





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