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Testimony for Severe Eczema

This little boy since the age of 2 months has had severe eczema for 11 years. It is very serious, always bleeding with a lot of pus. He always had to consume a lot of western medication but as you can see in the pictures, was not effective.

Thankfully, over the Easter & Ching Ming festival weekend, his family bought him Negative Ion clothes to wear.

6 months later, with heavy use of the Negative Ion clothes, he could stop taking his medication and his skin improved tremendously. Thanks to his family’s wisdom and faith in negative Ions his future is looking very positive.

借分享:小男孩出生兩個月已經嚴重濕疹 ,而且很嚴重, 流血,含膿,食中藥睇西醫, 他的路 一點也不好行…… 遇上負離子大量使用半年後,已完全停藥👏👏👏負離子產品太強大了👍🏻

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