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Testimony for a severe #bruise recovery

Grateful for Negative Ion clothes! It reduced my pain and helped with rapid recovery! Take control of your own health!

2017.10.16 at the “Happy Learning Camp” 6:00 pm
While returning a chair, I accidentally crushed my fingers against the table edge. It was incredibly painful!
I immediately starting thinking about ways to reduce the pain. Thanks to Ai Ling & Ping Fei, who passed me Negative Ion finger wraps. Once I covered my finger with the Negative Ion materials, I immediately felt better blood flow and the pain reduced. Within a couple of days, totally recovered, faster than anyone could have anticipated.
This really proves how Negative Ions affect blood circulation, aiding recovery. Aside from myself, I have seen many others who have been very convinced by the advanced technology of Negative Ion Clothes. Regardless of background, age and gender, everyone’s health can benefit from these products.

A big thanks to Jia Long Long Han for all his encouragement, for this career in Nefful, I love Nefful, I love negative ion clothes!


#negativeions #nefful

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