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Testimony for Severe Skin Acne

For many years, Guang Xi has been plagued with skin problems – stubborn acne and blackheads. The changes that I see in her differs every time we met. Thankfully for her, she came across these Negative Ion clothes and took the leap of faith, not expecting much. In just a short span of 1.5 months of using large quantities of Negative Ion products, from the bedding to innerwear, she herself was shocked to have achieved these amazing results – her stubborn acne for years has improved by 90%!

Isn’t it amazing that simply changing your bedding and clothes could help your skin problems, without taking medications, using masks or even injection, to treat acne issues?

Because these Negative Ion fibres improve body condition from the root, skin acne was no longer a problem for her!

How did it help her? Acne and similar skin conditions are a form of an autoimmune issue – and Negative Ions can help balance the body’s auto-immune system. Read more.

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