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Testimonial for Shingles

Thank you to our Hongkong partner Ye Tiancai for sharing her mom’s story. Tiancai’s mom was experiencing backaches, she consulted the doctor for 10 days but nothing was being diagnosed.

Concerned, Tiancai decided to pay her mom a visit and realised that her mom’s back as well as left side of breast had blisters all over. Due to the pain, her mom was injected with painkiller on 14th morning.

However, in the night, Tiancai’s mom experienced extreme pain again. She was sent to the hospital the next day and was diagnosed with shingles.

The doctor mentioned that patients with shingles need not stay in hospital, hence Tiancai’s mom was only prescribed with one week medicine. A few days past by but her mom’s condition did not improve, it worsened.

She was then sent to another hospital and was warded there. During her stay in the hospital, her condition was worse than before. Tiancai’s friend strongly advised her to look out for other solutions.

Tiancai knew about Nefful at that point in time. On 23rd, she went home, and purchased 2 undershirts and 8 boxes of Neoron cloth for her mom.

On that day she immediately put on negative ion clothing for her mom, placed the Neoron cloth at the front and back of wound and changed every 2 hours.

After changing 2 times, the blisters dried up. However, if she were to use medicated cream prescribed by the doctor on her mom, liquid pus would flow out from the blisters continuously. As such, on the 25th, Tiancai requested the doctor to stop applying any medicated cream on her mom.

Within 5 days of wearing negative ion clothes and cloth, her mom’s wound healed and her pain reduced by 6 times.

Tiancai is thankful that Nefful company produces high tech products so that she can help her family members achieve a good quality of life.

生蛇见证分享 感谢香港叶天彩区总分享自己和妈妈的的故事。我妈妈上个月常常腰痛,看了医生十多天医生也没有发现到我妈妈是生蛇, 因为时间拖长了令妈妈的病情越来越差,我在台湾学习,回香港是12号晚上,因为担心妈妈病情,第3天14号就回家看妈妈。

没想到回去发现妈妈左边的被部和胸部长了很多水泡,14号回去,家人也说妈妈打了止痛针,当时看到妈妈感觉问题不大,看完之后当晚回到香港。然后打电话报平安,可是当时传来妈妈非常痛苦的声音。 妈妈不停的说她的伤口附近痛的要命。


我决定23号回去,这时买了公司的女装两套衣服,顺便带了8盒万用方巾,回医院我马上帮妈妈用万用方巾敷前后的伤口,两个小时左右换一次,换两次后之后,伤口马上明显见到收水,因为之前医生每天帮我妈妈洗伤口2 次,涂药膏两次,但是每次涂后,妈妈大面绩的伤口不断出水,这样下去伤口没有很好的和结巴, 后来叫医生25号停止涂药膏,给妈妈专心用负离子产品,真的没想到短短5 天,伤口恢复这样快,妈妈严重痛楚减少6成,妈妈伤口也开始结巴,非常开心。现在妈妈听话开始大量用负离子产品。 感谢妮芙露公司引进这样棒的负离子产品

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