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Testimony for Stroke Patient

Mr Khor (pictured) was diagnosed with stroke in May 2014 when doctors found a vessel blockage in his right brain. As a result, his left body was paralysed which at the same time, caused substantial nerve damage and speech impairments. Over the next few months, Mr Khor was hospitalised and subjected to immense medical treatment.

Upon being discharged 1.5 months later, Mr Khor took up singing lessons to improve his speech and various other methods to improve his body movement but his condition remains and there was no substantial improvement.

In August 2014, Mr Khor started using Negative Ion undergarments and a full set (bed linen, blanket etc). 1 week later, much to his doctors’ surprise, significant improvements to his body movement can be seen. Not long after, Mr Khor could move his left body without many restrictions. His athlete’s foot is now gone and his left hand is able to touch his left ear (According to his doctor, for his particular case and the implicating damages to his motor neuron, it is nearly almost impossible for a stroke patient to raise his hand to touch his ear).

Mr Khor is now able to enjoy life as it should be lived. The use of Negative Ion Clothes effectively emits negative ions to our body, which allows blood to flow better. This, in turn, supplies our organs with the essential oxygen and nutrients needed for the proper healing and functioning of the body.

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