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Testimony for #Stroke

Pictured: Kexin’s aunt, Anne, sharing about her uncle’s stroke testimony onstage.

Uncle Thiam was sent to an ICU in Singapore early this year (2017), after having 3 strokes, resulting in a coma and 80% brain damage. When the doctors said there was nothing else they could do and would not conduct any more emergency rescues if needed, we had the opportunity to insist that they let Uncle Thiam use the Negative Ion blanket and the full set of clothes.

Within 3 weeks, he was transferred to the normal ward and eventually left the hospital. Currently, he’s recuperating in a nursing home in JB!

He awoke and was able to smile, lift his leg (while also taking our calcium which helped to speed up his recovery), sit upright and even recognise his family members. The doctors said his current state does not reflect someone who was on the brink of leaving us…

Present at her sharing were the nursing home bosses and all our relatives who were extremely shocked by the possibility and speed of his recovery. Kexin’s aunt said she’s confident Uncle Thiam will be attending the company’s events to express their gratitude together very soon!

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