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Testimony for Stroke

Being at an old age, Mrs Khoo’s health started to deteriorate in 2014. When she went to the hospital for a medical examination, she was diagnosed with a minor stroke and her face begun sagging a little. From that day onwards, she had to take 8 pills of medication every day but her health and condition did not show any improvements. Instead, her hands and feet started to become stiff and rigid, causing much inconvenience for her as her movements were restricted.

When Mrs Khoo returned to the hospital in 2015, the doctor told her family that her condition deteriorated further and it was beginning to affect her kidneys. The doctor said she needed to undergo dialysis. However, when Mrs Khoo heard the news, she could not accept it and refused to undergo dialysis. Her family became very worried and feared for her health.

In November 2015, Mrs Khoo’s condition worsened again. She suddenly fainted at home and had to be admitted to the hospital. Fortunately, she began to use Negative Ion clothes in December 2015. In just 2 months, her blood pressure and blood sugar had decreased dramatically. What was more surprising was that her toxin levels in her kidney dropped from 500 to 300 (index levels) without dialysis! She did not require dialysis anymore. Half a year later, the condition of her face improved and returned to normal due to improved blood circulation.

Mrs Khoo is very thankful and grateful for the Negative Ions clothes for helping her regain her health.






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