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Testimony for Stroke

It has been 10 years since we first came across NEFFUL Negative Ions Products through Yi Qi and Kelvin (my husband’s brother). I really appreciate their drive and passion for sharing about negative ions to help people achieve a youthful and healthy life. They have never given up on conveying the importance of good health to their loved ones including my husband and I — which I only understood later in life. At that point in time, we were young, healthy and took our health for granted, hence we did not consider investing in Negative Ions Products to maintain our health.

This January, my love, Ah Thiam suddenly suffered from brain haemorrhage and was hospitalised. On the second day in ICU, he was experiencing heart failure so the surgeons had to operate on him. After going through 2 major surgeries, he went into a coma and the doctors told me to be prepared for the worst. The MRI scan showed that he was experiencing internal bleeding in his right brain and the back of his neck. 80-90% of his brain cells were damaged and he was in a vegetative state.

Yi Qi and Kelvin insisted that I should at least let my husband try Negative Ions clothing, I was overwhelmed by my husband’s health crisis at that moment so I allowed them to proceed as they saw fit.

Much to our amazement, in just 3 short weeks of exposure to a high density of negative ions using Nefful’s blanket and clothing, my husband woke up from his coma. 5 months after discharge, he could sit upright and even understand our conversations, his condition is still improving gradually for now. I am so thankful to Yi Qi and Kelvin for their kindness and persistence.

Thank you Nefful for manufacturing high-quality negative ions products that literally saved my husband’s life, giving him a second chance in life. Since then, I have been encouraging my friends and relatives to learn more about Nefful negative ion products and to invest their health as early as possible to live a long and productive life!

十年前的我们接触到妮美龍负离子产品,YI QI 和少宏领袖十年来一直没放弃的跟我们分享负离子健康法,当时的我们年轻又健康,完全不相信穿衣服就可以健康。



YI QI 和少宏领袖坚持要我给他用NEFFUL负离子产品,当时的我也没力去反对了,死马当活马医吧。 很奇迹的,在短短三个星期大量使用负离子产品后,他张开了眼睛。


感恩YI QI和少宏领袖的坚持,感谢公司出产那么高科技负离子产品,让我先生奇迹的活下来,也感恩因为我先生的福气,让我们身边的家人也一起使用产品,改善自己的健康。

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