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Testimony for Cirrhosis
Shared by Miss Xiao Mei

With my husband’s consent, I am sharing what my husband felt after using a whole set of negative ion clothes since March this year (2018):

We’re so thankful for these high-tech Negative Ion Clothes. This amazing Neoron fabric has greatly improved the quality of life for my husband and me.

January 2016, my husband was diagnosed with Cirrhosis. His conditions were very bad. His whole body was swollen and his body shape has changed. He also had hepatic comatose and body cramps. He was also in a semi-comatose state, and even if he was awake, he would have no recollection of memory, and not being able to recognise me sometimes! His liver can be seen to have changed colour from the B-scan, and his cirrhosis was very serious. He also experienced portal hypertension which caused blood reflux, decreasing platelets and severe anaemia. A normal human has a protein level of around 50, but my husband only has a protein level in the 10s. At that point in time, the doctor issued us a critical illness report.

The doctor told me that even if my husband changed his liver, he would only have 3 to 6 months more to live because his condition was already incurable. The doctor wanted me to inform the rest of the family members to prepare for the worst.

Because of the severe ascites, he had to regularly pump out the effusions. Each extraction from the abdominal cavity and chest amounts up to a few thousand millilitres. The process of extraction was very painful, and after each extraction, my husband becomes very weak and needs help walking. After seeking treatment from both integrated Chinese and Western medicine, the swell subsided slowly.

For nearly 1.5 years, my husband had to be warded almost every month. We received quite a number of critical illness report and unfortunately spent our weekends and public holidays mostly in the hospital. He even a VIP at the hospital.

During this period, I have also asked my friends for all sorts of drugs and remedies, but nothing really worked. Sometime late 2017, when I was introduced to Negative Ion clothes from Jian Hua. At that point in time, my husband was having severe pains in the waist area, so I bought 2 pairs of waistband for him to try. With Jian Hua’s advice, I went to the Hong Kong office early March 2018, to open an account and buy a full set of products, asking my husband to wear them that very night. Since then, for over a period of 7 months, my husband has never been admitted to hospital! That was amazing for us!

Now, he is like a changed person. Not only does he now walk with more energy, but his complexion also got better and he can even buy grocery at the market to cook! When we visited the hospital for a review, the doctor was shocked and amazed! My husband and I even went to Fu Jian for a holiday trip this year August 28!

I could not even foresee this moment 2 years ago. I’m so thankful for this amazing high-tech Neoron fabric! They helped my husband regain his health and improved our quality of life tremendously.

Negative Ion clothes are products made for people to protect and improve their health. I’m very thankful for everything! I wish everyone good health and live with happiness always!



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