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Testimony for Varicose Veins
Many thanks to retired nurse Ms Cai, for selflessly sharing her experience.

I am a retired nurse. Because of my husband’s health issues, especially Varicose Veins, he could not sleep properly. He has been praying and in search of solutions to improve the health of our family.
After a recommendation from his friend and taking a leap of faith, he bought a full set of Negative Ion clothes home to use with the family. Just after 23 days, the Varicose Veins on my husband’s feet improved significantly!

Thank you to God for listening to our prayers!

We’re so thankful for these Negative Ion Clothes for being such effective products and hope that they can help more people to improve their health conditions. We also thank God for knowing these lovely bunch of people, we’re grateful to Qiao Yun and Si Ting for their help.


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