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Testimony for Vascular Tumour

I was recently alerted of a photo reminder from a year ago, that my little nephew has been wearing Negative Ion clothes since then.

My sister’s son was born with a big vascular tumour. Perhaps it was because she was working 12 hours long shifts before giving birth, her long-term exposure to the computer even with the company’s anti-radiation dress, still had a big impact on her child.

His tumour was very big when he was born. We were worried when others carried him, worried that the vascular tumours might break. Then, I began using clothes made from a piece of the white negative ion cloth to dress him. Upon seeing some improvements, we gave him extra clothes, providing him with at least 2 layers of the Negative Ion Clothes, a hat and some supporters. When the lunar new year came around, it was completely erased!

I’m so grateful to have been introduced to Negative Ion clothes!

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