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Blood & Qi Deficiency and Heart Pain

Testimony for Blood & Qi Deficiency and Heart Pain

This is Apple from Malaysia. She was introduced to #negativeionclothes. Within 2 months, Apple experienced many improvements in her health.

Condition 1: Blood and Qi Deficiency

Apple’s Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner told her that she suffered from blood and qi deficiency in the lower half of her body and required medication which cost her RM30 a day. Though she finished the course of medicine it did not help her condition.

After using the Negative Ion clothes, she quickly felt improvements within the 1st month. She was discharging black coloured blood clots, which persisted for 38 days. Her TCM practitioner even asked her what she did to get well, proving that Negative Ions really help promote blood circulation and dispell blood clots.

Condition 2: Heart Pain

One time she couldn’t breathe properly and had to be rushed to the hospital. It was then she learnt that she had mitral valve prolapse resulting in palpitations, breathlessness, tiredness and heart pain, causing her to have a bad temper. Her colleagues were always cautious not to make her angry. Apple had to take medication every day.

After using the Negative Ion clothes for a while, Apple was running up and down the office one day. Her colleagues noticed that she wasn’t as breathless as she usually would. It was then she realised that her heart palpitations, breathlessness and pain had disappeared. She then stopped taking medication. As she got better, her mood improved and arrives at the office with a happy mood. Curious, her colleagues even thought that she was in love!










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