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25/01/2019 19:12

Testimony for improving overall wellness –  lumbar disc herniation, knee degeneration, periarthritis, blood pressure
From a partner

Here’s a piece of good news to share.

Today, while on the road with Jane from Hong Kong, we talked about how she came across Negative Ion products. She had…

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18/09/2018 17:12

Testimony for Type II Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Arteries Blockage

The patient is Koh Ah Meng PBM, a Singaporean. (Pictured 3rd from Left)
His has Type II Diabetes for 26 years, High Blood Pressure and Arteries Blockage. He began using a full set of Negative…

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04/07/2018 15:50

Testimony for Blood & Qi Deficiency and Heart Pain

This is Apple from Malaysia. She was introduced to #negativeionclothes. Within 2 months, Apple experienced many improvements in her health.

Condition 1: Blood and Qi Deficiency

Apple’s Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner told her that she suffered from blood…

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