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05/10/2018 15:44

Testimony for Accident Facial Wound

During the Mid-Autumn Festival on 24 Sep, Kim Suan fell while she was crossing the road. Her cheekbone hit and scraped against the asphalt road, her eye was also bruised. Immediately upon reaching home, she covered the affected area with…

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24/02/2018 11:30

Testimony for #Injury #Scratches from Singapore
I’m sharing this on behalf of Yuan Kiew, as I was definitely taken by surprise on how amazing Negative Ion products really work to speed up our body’s recovery. I’ve seen so many of testimonials, but experiencing it in…

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11/02/2018 13:00

Testimony for #varicoseveins #hearingimprovement from a Shanghai Partner
My grandma brought me up since young. I am thankful that my 85-year-old grandma is still living healthily. Since she was 67 years old, she has been suffering from nasopharyngeal cancer and the post-surgery side effects have…

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09/10/2017 10:39

Testimony for #bruises #recovery
Thank you to our partner for sharing the effects of using Negative Ions.

On 19th August, my husband participated in the Asia Pacific Paintball day activity and was appointed the role of Captain, which required the wearing of a protective helmet. When…

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04/10/2017 13:27

Testimony for Wound Healing and Scarring
Shared by Su Jie’s partner based in Dong Guan, China. #scarring #NegativeIons

She met in an accident in January 2017 while riding a motorcycle and was hospitalised for 2 months.

Picture 1 shows the wound on her face before using negative ion products. Her wound was…

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23/05/2017 10:18

Testimony for Scars


Shu Min was involved in a car accident and was seriously disfigured


10th day of using negative ion clothes -> most of the redness and swelling had subsided
Took only 1 month plus to recuperate instead of 3 months that the…

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01/07/2016 21:15

Hypersensitiveness of The Body
Mystery of negative ions
Liao Weizhi (Florida in the USA)
Product Use: whole set

I emigrated from Taiwan to the U.S. twenty years ago. I started out with nothing but became very successful. I began developing some health problems after wearing down my body for…

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