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Testimony for Psoriasis
From a partner in Malaysia

Ever since the age of 16, Mr. Hong Yijian, a computer engineer from Butterworth, Penang, had developed a dry skin disease, also known as psoriasis.

Initially, he only experienced red spots on his head and joints. Then, the red spots began to spread and develop into red patches.

He searched throughout Northern Malaysia for both Chinese medicine and Western medicine to help. But nothing could improve it. He could only control his condition using steroid drugs. His Western medicine doctor told him that he has an autoimmune system disorder that cannot be completely cured.

He tried taking health supplements, with servings up to 60 a day, yet still could not see any effects. His skin condition got worse, the red patch got bigger and thicker. While walking, the psoriasis growing in his joint areas would bleed from the abrasion. It was also very itchy, itching severely, and the skin flakes would scatter on his bed and in the car, which constantly made him very embarrassed.

20 years later, his joints began to ache, so severely that he could not even turn his head, and found even lifting a cup difficult. His doctor could only give him painkillers, but it aggravated his problem of psoriasis.

After trying some Negative Ion clothes for 3 days, his joint and back pain reduced by 50%! After 2 weeks of using the products, the psoriasis started showing significant improvement, the red patches became thinner and the redness lightened.

After 3 months, it continued showing positive outcomes, improving by 80%. He is very grateful for the effects of Negative Ion clothes, helping him once again find health and happiness.



洪溢坚先生来自北海, 原是一名电脑工程师。16岁就患上干癣皮肤病 (牛皮癣 ,psoriasis)。
从开始身体只有头部和关节的部位长了红点, 直到红点开始扩散,并发展成红色斑块。
他也试了服用保健品,一天服高达60颗,依然没有看到效果。皮肤情况每况愈下,红色块状越长越厚,走动时更使长在关节部位的牛皮癣裂开而流血。皮肤也非常痒,不停抓痒导致脱屑 非常严重,皮屑散落床上地上车里,令他非常难堪。
20多年后他的关节开始疼痛,严重到无法转头,杯也拿不起来,医生开始给了止痛药,却加剧了牛皮癣 的问题。
非常妮芙露负离子让他用上产品3天后, 关节和背部减少了50%的痛楚, 大全套使用产品2个星期后,牛皮癣改善得非常好,红色块状已经变薄,颜色转淡。

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