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14/09/2019 18:07

Testimony for PsoriasisFrom a partner in Malaysia

Ever since the age of 16, Mr. Hong Yijian, a computer engineer from Butterworth, Penang, had developed a dry skin disease, also known as psoriasis.

Initially, he only experienced red spots on his head and joints. Then, the…

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25/01/2019 19:12

Testimony for improving overall wellness –  lumbar disc herniation, knee degeneration, periarthritis, blood pressure
From a partner

Here’s a piece of good news to share.

Today, while on the road with Jane from Hong Kong, we talked about how she came across Negative Ion products. She had…

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12/07/2018 17:39

Testimony for #varicoseveins #spinal

From Hong Kong

Before using the product, Hong Ping suffered from severe headaches, body and back pain. Despite taking numerous supplements, going for treatments and taking large amounts of painkillers, the pain was so unbearable that she had suicidal thoughts. She…

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11/10/2017 17:04

Testimony on #Stroke #WaterRetention and many more
Silvered-haired Ms Wang Baofeng is a family woman who loves food and loves to travel. Unfortunately, 5 years ago, she had a stroke.

For 4 years, her family had been taking her to see famous doctors and receive a…

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13/06/2016 14:39

Sickle Cell Anaemia, Migraine Headache, Back Pain, Gout
Ho Huey Lan, Taiwan
Product use: Whole set

My mother-in-law always had migraine headaches and back pains. One day she saw my friend, Ethan wearing a special hat. She was curious and asked her about it. The next thing…

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