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Type II Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Arteries Blockage

Testimony for Type II Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Arteries Blockage

The patient is Koh Ah Meng PBM, a Singaporean. (Pictured 3rd from Left)
His has Type II Diabetes for 26 years, High Blood Pressure and Arteries Blockage. He began using a full set of Negative Ion clothes. This is his testimony:

In 1995 I was diagnosed with diabetes and my blood sugar was 450. From that day, my life became a constant state of living hell. I was prescribed insulin. The doctor said I needed to start off with insulin because my sugar level was too high. I spent 26 years switching from doctor to doctor, both Western and TCM, spending a lot of money in the process. Even making myself a guinea pig for all their prescribed medication and supplements products.

In 2010, the lower part of both my legs turned black and a few areas of my legs became numb. My daily insulin intake rose to 48cc in the mornings and 42cc in the evening. It was around that period I experienced my first artery blockage. I lived on for 20 years with 5 arteries constantly requiring Angioplasty surgeries. My last artery went through surgery in late 2017, a total of 12 stents was inserted into my blocked arteries.

In late 2016, my right leg developed a diabetic ulcer and the wound persisted for a few weeks, yet I refused hospital admission because I was worried my leg be amputated.

It was then, I contacted Sze Poh, a close mate of mine. (Pictured 1st from Right) I shared with him about my leg condition. Without any hesitation, he introduced to Negative Ion clothes and recommend that I used a full set. He even gave me his money back guarantee!

Taking up Sze Poh’s advice, I started wearing the clothes. After 10 days, my ulcer closed up! But Sze Poh advice me to increase the number of legs support items I was wearing to speed up the healing.

Today my insulin intake has reduced to 25cc – 28cc daily. I also used to be short of breath since my last surgery in late 2017, when I made quick movements like brushing my teeth and walking short distances I would have difficulty breathing. But have since seen great improvements.

All my toes, numb areas and blacken leg have improved tremendously. I have the deepest gratitude to my introducer Sze Poh for his patience and continued advice and I’m so grateful for these high-tech Negative Ion clothes.

This is my testimony.

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